Equipment Financing Specialists

Products Available

Secured Loans

  • Terms from three to seven years. 
  • The interest rate can be either fixed or variable and can be locked through a specified time period or float with a market index until actual commencement. 
  • Additionally, the monthly payment or repayment term can be variable.

Finance Leases

  • Structured from three to seven years with  tax benefits of ownership for account of lessee.  
  • Purchase options may vary from $1.00 to 20%.

True Leases

  • Traditional:  Structured from three to ten years with tax benefits for account of lessor.  Purchase option price is fair market value (FMV) at lease termination.

  • Synthetics and Hybrids:  Similar to traditional leases with the addition of either a predetermined early buyout option (EBO) or a maximum dollar limit or percent of original cost instead of fair market value.

Sale and Leaseback

  • This can allow a company to convert depreciated equipment into working capital for future growth.
  • Both leases and loans can be structured as operating or capitalized obligations consistent with the FASB 13 guidelines for balance sheet accounting.
  • Financing commitments are typically negotiated prior to equipment delivery and acceptance.